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Cab-Sab - Shot blasting Cabin / Corundum Cabin / Peening Cabin

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Sandblasting room

A ''sandblasting cabinet'' is an installation where an operator will be able to project a free jet with compressed air of a media, abrasive or not, onto a product to carry out a sandblasting operation. stripping, polishing, cleaning, or hammering... There are 3 main types of sandblasting:

Shotblasting cabin

Media used: angular/round shot or stainless steel shot.
For pickling or hammering intended for the treatment of steel parts.

Corundum booth

Media used: brown or white corundum
Pickling or cleaning mainly intended for the treatment of thin steel, aluminum, stainless steel or other alloy parts.

Bead blasting booth

Media used: glass ball, plastic media, ceramic ball, vegetable abrasives….
Polishing, cleaning, hammering by projection of media mainly intended for the treatment of specific equipment made of stainless steel, wood, plastic.

We produce cabins of all sizes.

These booths are standardized, pre-assembled and factory tested.
For a range of dimensions:
Length: from 4 to 30 m.        Width: 3 to 6 m.         Height: 2.8 to 6 m.

For widths of 3 and 4 m, we have developed a patented product ''CAB-SAB'' completely pre-assembled in the factory which does not require assembly but only installation by the customer on the website.

This type of product is ideal for companies of the type:

Surface treatment industries,
Paint applicators,
Locksmiths, Boilermakers, Founders,
Manufacturers of industrial products...

Our products comply with standards and can optionally comply with ATEX standards.

Sandblasting chamber

Cabine de poudrage

Cabine de poudrage
Cabine de poudrage

Cabine de poudrage

The blast enclosure is an essential part of the booth. It ensures the robustness of the installation and its sound insulation.

Our loudspeakers are made entirely of a robust tubular structure with double skin panels in 100 mm thick lacquered steel, which gives it sound insulation in accordance with standards.

Its rigid design ensures the proper functioning of the openings and allows it to withstand shocks and particular wear.

Our cabins are equipped with reinforced hinged doors, with hinges and closures specific to sandblasting. They can also be supplied with sectional doors depending on use.

The main door has an external closing system and the emergency door (several according to the regulations) is equipped with a closing bell. Each main or emergency door has:

- a closing sensor
- a red light
- an armored viewing window with internal protection
- a double handle

The design of the cabin allows subsequent dismantling or extension.

Inside of the Sandblasting room

Intérieur de cabine

Intérieur de cabine

Intérieur de cabine

The cabin interior must be particularly robust because it is subjected to extreme stresses mainly in small cabins and for shot blasting.
All our walls, doors and internal ventilation boxes are protected by special 3mm canvas rubber. The rubber strips are mounted on specific steel lines, the strips have a 50 to 100 mm overlap blocked by a 50 mm flat iron.

The cabin lighting is:

- Either integrated into the roof panels in standard cabins or Atex cabins,
- Either in the upper corners of the cabin in special or large cabins.
Each luminaire consists of an armored steel body with lighting by 4 neon lights of 58 watts protected by a special unbreakable glass.
Additional lighting can be provided on the walls.

Intérieur de cabine

Special sandblasting room

We produce special cabins:

- use of several abrasives,
- a sandblasting enclosure and a metallization enclosure,
- an automatic sandblasting station,
- special configurations, multi-doors, sunroof…,
- arrival of products by conveyor or lorry.

Our design office studies all the projects of our customers and our manufacturing unit is sized to carry out any adaptation or modification of our cabins.

Large Sandblasting room

We produce cabins with large dimensions:

The dimensions of a large cabin are:
Length: 20 to 50 m,
Width: 6 to 10 m,
Height: 6 to 10 m.
Our design office and our manufacturing unit adapt and modify our standard manufacturing for large units according to the requests of our customers.

This type of product is found in the industries of:

Surface treatment of large parts,
Big boilers....

Railway units

Unité ferroviaires
Unité ferroviaires
We produce shot blasting / corundum coating booths for the railway industry:

These units are generally large:
Length: 25 to 40 m
Width: 7 to 10 m
Height: 6 to 7 m

These cabins are either:
- shot blasting for steel substrates and large bogie-type parts
- corundum coating for aluminum substrates.

These cabins can be installed in production lines for new products or in maintenance centers for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

In the case of asbestos paint, these cabins can be equipped with asbestos dust extractors and all the equipment for an intervention in an asbestos environment.

Electrical box and safeties



An electrical box meets standards in each cabin.

Our company has a room dedicated to the manufacture of electrical boxes for our production.

We make boxes for our standardized equipment.

For sandblasting cabinets, according to the standards in force, the operation is slaved to the closed doors, lighting and ventilation in service.

For specific orders or special cabins, we can make any type of electrical box including customer requests.