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Our enterprise

The company "Cabines" has been installed for 30 years in the North of Avignon in the industrial zone of the Fournalet in the town of Sorgues.
The building with an area of 3,400 m2 consists of:
                                 A production unit where the boiler equipment and the locksmith's parts are manufactured,
                                 An area for preparation, fitting of equipment and finishing,
                                 A storage area, including standard cabins, equipment and sandblasting consumables.
                                 An exhibition hall of 400m2.

Our customers are welcome to visit our company.
You will observe the different parts of a sandblasting cabin in the exhibition hall, you will understand the specific manufacture of sandblasting by visiting the production unit, and you will see all the equipment in the stock.
Live with the manufacturer, you will benefit from advice without intermediaries.

Our stock of products

In order to satisfy its customers and be able to respond quickly to demand,
The company "Cabines" has a large stock of finished products.
This stock consists of:
  Sandblast Cabin Machineries all equipped and tested
  Standard front and rear cab door
  Dust collectors all equipped and tested
  Bucket elevators all equipped and tested
  Motorcycle fans
  Wall panels ....