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Paint Line

Chaîne de peinture

Powder coating
Powder coating is a coating technique for the protection and finishing of steel or other metal products.
This technique consists of depositing powder paints on the parts to be treated by electrostatic effect.
The powder particles are charged with static electricity and are attracted to the part, which allows the parts to be perfectly covered and the powder to be diffused into all corners of the part to be painted.
Powder coating is applied to all metal parts in black, galvanized, electro-galvanized steel or raw, anodized or already lacquered aluminum.
The absence of solvents and toxic compounds make powder coating the best response to current environmental and health protection requirements.

After powdering, the parts go into an oven for about 20 minutes at around 200° for polymerization.
This phase hardens the powder and stabilizes it.

The coating
The technical and aesthetic performance of powder coatings is excellent, particularly with regard to:
• impact resistance
• surface hardness
• corrosion resistance
• color fastness
• the uniformity of the coating (absence of runs or extra thicknesses)
• the wide choice of colors (RAL color chart = more than 160 colors available)
• possibility of special effects such as: metallic, textured or sandblasted effect…

The powder coating line mainly consists of:
- a sandblasting cabinet.
The sandblasting cabinet is used to strip the parts to expose the metal and prepare the part to receive the powder paint. It works either with shot for medium and thick steel parts, or with corundum for thin steel or aluminum or stainless steel parts.
- a powder coating booth.
The powder coating booth allows the application of powder paint on a metal part before it goes through the oven.
- a baking oven.
The baking oven allows the powder paint to be baked at 200° for polymerization.

Depending on production and customer demand, you can add:
- a metallization cabin
The metallization booth allows metallization of parts after sandblasting in order to improve protection against corrosion.
- an automatic shot blasting machine
The automatic shot blasting machine allows continuous and automatic shot blasting of steel parts. It is mainly used for large series.

Fabrication Francaise

Powder Room

Cabine de poudrage

Cabine de poudrage

The powder coating booth allows the application of powder paint on a metal part before passing it through the baking oven. It can be of any size and have horizontal or vertical ventilation.

Thanks to its electrostatic powder gun, it allows the powder paint to be deposited evenly on the part and in all parts to put it in the oven afterwards.

It consists of a cabin with Atex neon lighting and standard filtration with an Atex dust collector.

The powder paint gun is on a trolley or stationary and sucks up the powder to project it onto the parts.

This cabin can be equipped with a conveyor to facilitate the various operations when the parts are numerous and difficult to handle.


Four de cuisson

Four de cuisson
Four de cuisson

The oven room allows the polymerization of the paint on the treated part.

It consists of a steel enclosure with walls of 200 mm rock wool to retain maximum heat.

It is equipped with a gas or fuel oil burner and allows a temperature of approximately 200° to be maintained throughout the polymerization period.
The internal walls are lined with numerous settings to allow perfect heat distribution.

This furnace can be equipped with a conveyor to facilitate the various operations when the parts are numerous and difficult to handle.

Metallization booth

The metallization cabin allows metallization by flame gun or arc gun.

It must allow the operation to be carried out in accordance with the standards and is Atex compliant.

It can be of any size and has reinforced sound insulation.

Due to the specificities of the treatment of dust due to metal spraying, these booths have suitable dust removal.

Automatic shot blast machine


The automatic blast machine allows continuous blasting of the parts to be treated.

The parts are placed on a conveyor belt and pass through a shot-blasting chamber equipped with 4 turbines of unit power 5.5, 7.5, 11 or 15 kW. Depending on the adjustment of the passage speed, the parts can have a more or less important shot blasting depending on the quality requested by the customer.

The automatic shot blasting machine is particularly suitable for large series of steel parts and allows large automatic production.

The standard passage dimensions are 1m to 2m wide and 0.3 to 0.8m high.
Processing times are a function of throughput speed and shot recycling is fully automatic.